Friday, October 26, 2012

the devil is in the details

The moment he walked into the room, I was drawn to his charisma. It wasn't long soon after we were staying up all night in the summer heat blowing smoke into each other's mouths. I was covered in scars and he had ink. I liked to watch him work his hands, calloused hands, a worker's hands. He liked driving fast for hours to ease our minds, ease our loneliness. We took risks, calmed our fears, skipped heartbeats and got into trouble. Home was where ever we made it. Our love was like an inside joke. We had nothing and wanted everything.

Today, I regret nothing. There's no doubt in my mind that at one point we loved each other's company raw and honest, but relationships need room to grow. I moved on to other things, while he went down the path he did. The truth is there's no fairy tale ending for sinners, just one long race. He got ahead while I lagged behind.

Born to Die

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