Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year I try to set realistic goals to better myself either mentally or physically. Last year my resolutions for 2012 was to transition into all cruelty-free products such as cleaning supplies, bath, skin and cosmetics and quit red meat. I am happy to say that this has not only been accomplished but I have met a great group of people who share and support the belief that testing vanity on animals is not necessary. Not only that, my second resolution of quitting red meat has been successful! It took some time because of protein issues but around March I was completely off red meat. I don't miss eating cows, lambs or pork, because I don't desire it. I've actually begun to eat more overall, because I've always had a bit of a unconscious disgust with eat meat since I've had to eat out of trash cans and hunt as a small child. This goal has come with much opinion from strangers on Google+. It is my own personal belief to not eat anything I haven't hunted out of necessity nor eat anything raised to die. I firmly believe that animals especially mammals are capable of emotions. I honestly feel much healthier physically because red meat is often cooked in grease and has much fat as well. Choosing to not eat red meat is my own personal decision which I do not push on others. On the other hand, I still believe and push to end testing on animals because animals are alive as they are being poked in the eyes, injected or forced to ingest vanity products. This is torture and that is not okay to make another life suffer slowly.

Moving on, I've decided on trying to accomplish a few more goals!

1. Money: I want to save more money in order to buy a car. I shared a few vehicles with a former significant other, but as I grow older and independent I want to have one of my own in only my name.  In order to save more money I plan on eating out less and buy less junk food. These are two things I can seriously cut back on as well as accomplish, because I can cook for myself and junk food is not good for me.

2. Stress: I plan on releasing stress by doing 30 mins of yoga twice a week. It's basically stretching and attempting to clear the mind. In order to do this, I will set a dedicated time for this at the same time every week.

3. Understand: Since I've gained some attention through the internet, I've encountered some very not nice people. I wish to be more patient with everyone and try harder to understand what point they are coming from. However, this also means I will choose my battles more wisely and not acknowledge nor pursue unreasonable people who want me to feel bad.

Well it's not much but that's the plan so far!

Have a great New Years everyone! xoxo