Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't fight when angry

Dr. Bruce Banner, a human man turns into the Hulk, a giant green rage superhuman when he is angry. The Hulk is impulsive and emotional. He smashes anything or anyone around him with brute brawler strength and style.
What happens during anger? Well it's a fight or flight bodily response for one thing. It raises blood pressure, heart rate and especially adrenaline. These physical factors add to the emotional stress of rage in your mind.
If a person releases their anger by physically fighting such as punching then he or she who is doing the punching will train their brain to release anger by physical means. This can also be said when yelling at another person in an arguing match. Yelling can increase your rage and also train you to start a yelling match every time you are angry to release this pressure. 

When you are fighting an opponent in any martial arts form you must have a clear mind. You have to remember your moves and be able to predict the opponents reactions. My boyfriend tells me that I need to calm down and talk to him in the morning whenever I get angry. He says he doesn't like me mad and I don't blame him. I become irrational and so heated that if I don't take a cold shower and remove myself from the situation then I do stupid stuff I regret. I may tell him that "I don't want to be his girlfriend anymore." Then I get angry when he doesn't take me back and there you have it....a really bad regret from angry choices. Therefore, to calm down I try to do relaxing things such as take a shower, listen to music, workout, etc. I try to do mindless activities to release that angry stress and calm down. So the next morning when I do want to talk something out, I can do a rational move that I can predict he'll react to. 

Overall, finding a way to reduce your anger in a healthy way is dire and important so that your words and actions do not become a game of whack-a-mole to whatever your loved one says. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sex as a Status Symbol

Why does one think that the amount of sex he or she has is a determinate of self value? It's not like the amount you wash your hands a day is used as a status symbol. So what is it about sex? The truth is that it is not simply the act of physical pleasure itself but why that person was wanted by another person. To place your self value about being wanted by another person says quite a bit about your upbringing and your current situation. Also these reasons seem to be gender related as well. Sex is simply symbolic when placed as value.

For example, certain male rappers feel the need to surround themselves by scantily clad women while rapping about money. This man is sending the message that he has a huge amount of money and that because of the money he is successful. He wants others to know that these women want him because he is has money and women want to be seen with him. It's a way of him saying "I am better than you."

Truth is, you are not "better" than the next person. "Some animals are not more equal than others"-Animal Farm. If you are a person who uses sex as a status symbol then please reevaluate your self esteem. Self value strictly for why another desires you is very unhealthy. It could turn into an addict getting a fix. Once your fix stops and you can't get another to fill in the "status" blanks then you could put yourself in a dangerous position.

I'm not going to say only have sex with one person, but I will say that you must practice SAFE sex. Sex is an exchange of bodily fluids so if barrier protection is not worn when with a stranger, who knows what you may contract. Also, are you ready to have a child? If you aren't but do then that child could grow up with mental health problems from the way you reject him or her.

Overall, please be careful if your self value comes from the positive attention from others. If you are carrying out a message by the positive attention of others, make sure that you have enough self esteem from the inside in case it all goes away.


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog! I did copy and paste some posts from Google+ onto here. From now on I will be linking my blog posts from here to my Google+ page. I made a blog because it would be easier to organize as well as easier to post pictures in my posts. On the other hand, this blog will not have the exact same content from my Google+ because of the +1 feature on Google+ automatically will post to my Google+ page instead of on here.

I should remind you that I am not a professional mental health expert nor do I claim to be. Also I do not get paid to advertise products on here. Nor do I represent any of the companies I mention. I am just expressing my own personal opinion.

Thank you all for listening!

Much Love,
Sara xoxo

My happier, healthier body and mind from quitting red meat


For me, excluding red meat from my diet is one of the best decisions I have ever done, however the process did not come overnight. I began suffering severe physical symptoms of anxiety after I broke up with my ex in April 2011 after 3 years together. It was a horrible breakup that police had to intervene. My happy domestic lifestyle was turned upside down. I was so anxious I felt like I couldn’t breathe. A month later I was able to get steady anxiety medication because my weight dropped below 90lbs which is not good for a person taller than 5 feet tall. In June of 2011 I enrolled in summer school to clear my mind and feel accomplished. Sometime during that summer I learned about cruelty-free cosmetics. I learned that thousands of animals are taken from their mamas and forced to drink chemicals and get poked in the eye then observed until they DIE!!!! Over the next month I could not stop thinking about all the baby animals. I had nightmares about being tortured and cut open alive. I was determined to quit these bad thoughts of guilt and fear of hurting something that is capable of love and cuddles.

Today I am red meat free after help from a nutritionist. Eventually every time I looked at ribs, I imagined my own family being cut up. I snapped and quit eating anything furry. However, I started to feel very fatigue and weak. It looked like I was very ill. I went to the doctor to find out why I was feeling so yucky. The problem was that red meat has proteins that I needed in my daily diet which I suddenly stopped eating. I already had a genetic predisposition of anemia so the nutritionist and I had to work out a battle plan of transitioning to this new diet. I slowly transitioned off various foods week by week until January 2012. In the process I began taking lactose intolerance pro-biotics so I could have dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Vegetables became a must, but not just any veggies. I had to eat more kale and ones high in iron. I still eat fish and chicken. I don’t plan to quit fish but eventually I would like to quit chicken. I’m not able to quit eggs and chicken yet because I still need those nutrients in my diet to stay functional. Overall, the diet plan I am on works for me.

I am not sure if I am feeling a placebo effect or if I really am healthier but my body feels more energetic and my mind is less groggy. A big reason for this was because when I ate red meat it was usually fried in its own fat such as bacon and hamburgers. I guess sandwiches could be healthier but for the most part I ate a lot of greasy meat from fast food. Also I was eating a less rounded diet and I was not taking vitamins. Whenever I get an anxiety attack now while on my anxiety medication the physical symptoms are less severe. 

From this experience I’m convinced that body and mind really do go hand and hand when it comes to eating. Food affects the overall function of the body. If the body is feeling good then the mind will feel less weighted down by physical problems. However, as I learned it is not good to not understand the body's input of nutrients. I recommend doing research or getting professional help with any major diet decision, because sometimes it can do more harm than good. Transitioning your diet may be a longer process than you want, but in the long run it is worth it. If this the lifestyle you want, I can tell you right now that this is a good goal that can be accomplished.



I've sought out various nutritionists for at least 5 years to help me with healthy weight gain and food anxiety. My main advice to anyone who wants to gain weight or lose weight to not stay with a nutritionist who is condescending of your situation. For example, one doctor told me "Why do you want to gain weight? There are so many people who would kill to be you!" Yikes... It is important to not be around any health professional who is condescending, because if he or she is condescending then he or she is judging you. If you are being negatively judged then you will not receive the best treatment suited for your needs due to the doctor being clouded by personal judgement rather than their schooling. 

There is a big difference in working with you on a goal and being cutthroat. A nutritionist who works with you on a goal will focus on slow progression for the transition of a healthier lifestyle and has the understanding that sometimes the patient relapses into bad eating habits. For example, a good nutritionist will help you find subsitutes for your diet such as baby carrots instead of chips or cook with this oil instead of that one. Also a good nutritionist will take note of the times of day you eat in order to get an understanding of your metabolism. A cutthroat nutritionist will use scare tactics or an overwhelming push to get you to eat a certain way such as mentioning you could get a heart attack and so on. By pointing out the negative effects more than ways to slowly transition, the patient will feel overwhelmed. Also you can tell a nutritionist is just not for you if he or she makes it seems like their technique is the only one that works. Obviously this is not true since there are a million diet books out there, you just have to be Goldilocks and find what works for you. 

Overall, I would like to say Good Luck and Good for you for seeking a healthy diet and help. There are resources for diets within the US that are free or low cost for you to explore. Remember, you deserve respect because it is not an easy choice to decide to take control of your body and carry it out.

Hate Crime


I would like to start off by saying a living creature is capable of hating his or her own self. Let's not kid ourselves here. We all have days when we don't like something about ourselves that is out of our control. This could be our appearance, our ethnic background, our parents, our religion and so on. The dislike can grow inside to overflowing means until the person does something to another person who shares the same out of control qualities. The victim doesn't have to dislike themselves, but just share the same qualities. I'm talking about hate crimes to a victim of the same background as the predator. 

I was representing someone a little over a month ago who was a victim of a hate crime at a high school. A noose was tied around the neck of the victim's stuffed animals and the eyes were gauged out. However, it was only played off as bullying and not premeditated like it obviously was. The worse part was that this was played off as less than it was because the predator is the same ethnic background and sexual orientation.

The predator's physical background should not even be considered when such a psychopathic act occurs. What you see is not what you get! Just because someone is the same ethnicity doesn't mean he or she was nurtured nor raised the same culturally as the victim. This person targeted another person similar to herself to release pent up anger through this threat. Yes, I said threat. 

Obviously, I am not a person to let a noose not have any symbolic meaning when directed to another person so of course I did get the police involved. 

My question is....Do you think the idea of a hate crime is even considered when the predator and victim are of the same background? Does that make the crime any less hateful or wrong? If the minors are not punished for their crimes nor even scolded, what will become of this new generation of psychopaths?
“Anyone whose goal is 'something higher' must expect someday to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling? No, Vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves.” 
― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being