Saturday, October 20, 2012

No Light, No Light

There is darkness within me, no doubt about it. The hurt, anger, loneliness and vulnerability could be a separate entity in itself like a bubble on the outside looking in. I still walk this balance beam delicately placed in the no man's land within my mind but at the end of my balance beam is a diving board. To dive in means to touch it, to acknowledge it. I have survived the worse and it will always be apart of me. Perhaps more bad things will happen which may invite more darkness but it is familiar now. I survived and now I thrive.

Each time that darkness comes back I will dive in and embrace it. Let the waves rip me up and I'll be put back together like broken glass. And when my pieces flow to shore, the water will have touched every bit of me and I'll realize that it's okay. Brush dust off my shoulders and continue forward because it's alright. 

The darkness is apart of me but it is not all of me. 

Florence + The Machine -No Light, No Light

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