Friday, July 6, 2012

Maintaining my Metabolism

I have a tendency to binge eat or eat very little when I struggle with stress or heavy feelings but in order to keep a stable weight, I must keep a stable metabolism. Metabolism is good for maintaining weight and energy. I must warn you that this is from my experience and thus my opinion, I am not a doctor and don't eat anything you are allergic to, but here are ways I keep my metabolism stable. I am also gonna warn you that when you first try adding these to your diet, you may poop a bit more at first because your body is literally flushing out stored bad fat & clearing up constipation.

Don't forget that you can not simply quit eating in order to lose weight. That's not healthy because you are depriving your cells, organs and brain from nutrition it needs to function. Your cells need nutrients to flush out bad fat as well as keep you alive. You must have a balance of intake and out take in order to be healthy.

Here are some ways I maintain my metabolism

1. Green Tea

Green Tea has antioxidant properties. I've probably been drinking this as a little kid because of the southeast Asian side of my family so I've developed a taste of it. It's very dry and earthy, however it will help prevent belly fat. You have to drink the unprocessed (no added chemicals) and one without sugar for it to actually be beneficial. I drink at least 4 cups a day so not only am I receiving the antioxidant benefits but I am also saying hydrated.

2. Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is good for regeneration and health of cells especially for your immune system. If your cells are healthy then your body gets rid of toxins easier. I don't think it's an antioxidant, I just think that it helps the body absorb the proper nutrients more instead of toxins. It also makes my skin really soft and helps my allergies. It cost 50 cents to $1 an ounce at the Farmer's market. I recommend mixing it in cereal or oatmeal or drink it in something cold because if you bite down on it then it taste kinda bitter and wasabi hot on the tongue. I recommend only half a teaspoon a day or you may poop alot then hate yourself.

3. ProBiotics
I take probiotics in the form of pills to help me with digestion of dairy products. However, there are also other benefits of probiotics. Probiotics basically help you from becoming constipated and bloated, because it helps the digestion of food. If you want to have a "regular" digestive system or a boost in digestion then either eat yogurt or take probiotic pills.

4. Walk
Walk at least a mile a day. I walk at least two miles a day because of school or the grocery store or just the sake of exercise. Walking is good for circulation of blood as well as keeping your lower belly fat. 

Okay, so those are the four things I do everyday to help me maintain my weight and metabolism. You don't have to listen to me, because this is my personal opinion. I also suggest that you have these everyday or at least every other day. Nothing happens overnight, and as always please talk to a doctor if you are considering major changes in your lifestyle habits or diet.

Take Care! xo

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  1. These are all great suggestions. Thank you for the post! x