Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sex as a Status Symbol

Why does one think that the amount of sex he or she has is a determinate of self value? It's not like the amount you wash your hands a day is used as a status symbol. So what is it about sex? The truth is that it is not simply the act of physical pleasure itself but why that person was wanted by another person. To place your self value about being wanted by another person says quite a bit about your upbringing and your current situation. Also these reasons seem to be gender related as well. Sex is simply symbolic when placed as value.

For example, certain male rappers feel the need to surround themselves by scantily clad women while rapping about money. This man is sending the message that he has a huge amount of money and that because of the money he is successful. He wants others to know that these women want him because he is has money and women want to be seen with him. It's a way of him saying "I am better than you."

Truth is, you are not "better" than the next person. "Some animals are not more equal than others"-Animal Farm. If you are a person who uses sex as a status symbol then please reevaluate your self esteem. Self value strictly for why another desires you is very unhealthy. It could turn into an addict getting a fix. Once your fix stops and you can't get another to fill in the "status" blanks then you could put yourself in a dangerous position.

I'm not going to say only have sex with one person, but I will say that you must practice SAFE sex. Sex is an exchange of bodily fluids so if barrier protection is not worn when with a stranger, who knows what you may contract. Also, are you ready to have a child? If you aren't but do then that child could grow up with mental health problems from the way you reject him or her.

Overall, please be careful if your self value comes from the positive attention from others. If you are carrying out a message by the positive attention of others, make sure that you have enough self esteem from the inside in case it all goes away.

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