Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't fight when angry

Dr. Bruce Banner, a human man turns into the Hulk, a giant green rage superhuman when he is angry. The Hulk is impulsive and emotional. He smashes anything or anyone around him with brute brawler strength and style.
What happens during anger? Well it's a fight or flight bodily response for one thing. It raises blood pressure, heart rate and especially adrenaline. These physical factors add to the emotional stress of rage in your mind.
If a person releases their anger by physically fighting such as punching then he or she who is doing the punching will train their brain to release anger by physical means. This can also be said when yelling at another person in an arguing match. Yelling can increase your rage and also train you to start a yelling match every time you are angry to release this pressure. 

When you are fighting an opponent in any martial arts form you must have a clear mind. You have to remember your moves and be able to predict the opponents reactions. My boyfriend tells me that I need to calm down and talk to him in the morning whenever I get angry. He says he doesn't like me mad and I don't blame him. I become irrational and so heated that if I don't take a cold shower and remove myself from the situation then I do stupid stuff I regret. I may tell him that "I don't want to be his girlfriend anymore." Then I get angry when he doesn't take me back and there you have it....a really bad regret from angry choices. Therefore, to calm down I try to do relaxing things such as take a shower, listen to music, workout, etc. I try to do mindless activities to release that angry stress and calm down. So the next morning when I do want to talk something out, I can do a rational move that I can predict he'll react to. 

Overall, finding a way to reduce your anger in a healthy way is dire and important so that your words and actions do not become a game of whack-a-mole to whatever your loved one says. 

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