Friday, April 28, 2017

For the children: Role Models

As a child I felt insignificant. I did not have any true role models. I looked around and could not see any success around me. I saw violence, I saw crime, I saw drugs, but where was the success? As I grew older I thought success was simply financial gain or looking better than the next person, but I was mistaken. I did not see success because to me even as a small child, success was a mentality. 

Success is the indomitable will of knowing you can get knocked down and still get back up. Success is coming full circle with both your hopes and fears, and still keep going. It is important for us to share our stories of strength, how we pushed through fears, how we stood up for what we believe in, and how when we failed we got back up. Success takes courage. Success takes discipline. Success takes passion. Success takes us, and together we are powerful.

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