Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Eulogy for William R. Choy

This is the Eulogy I wrote for Will, reflecting on his life and how he has inspired me to carry on.
My name is Sara. Many of you know me as Will’s friend or his sister. But Will referred to me as his little curse. I would play terrible pranks like replace his whiskey with soy sauce, randomly skype his friends, autocorrect the “lol” on his phone to terrible naughty bad things and so on.
     Will was and will probably always be the most patient and loving person I know. I remember, no matter how late at night, he was willing to meet up to provide solace. Sometimes I would be so angry. I was so hateful. We lost so many to disease, evil and the world’s madness. We have suffered so much and for many of us, we already know how our life will end. It can leave one so understandably angry and hateful. But Will told me “If hatred could burn the world down then imagine what love could do.“
I loved him so much and I still have trouble expressing how I feel. But if you could imagine what it is like to lose gravity. It feels something like that. When he began to fade, I thought I could never love again.  I felt so alone. The first couple weeks were the worse because it was just his aunt and I. But over time, more people kept coming forward. People who Will loved and Will loved them back. They told me stories of how Will influenced their lives and brought them joy. Many even went out of their way to reach out to me and talk to me personally.
     Will said everyone who visited him, wrote him messages, stood by his side, cared for him when he was not so lovable, the ones who reached out to me and looked death in the eye were brave. To him, bravery was not dying. Dying was just another part of life.  Being brave means to be terrified but still push through. To be brave is to do the right thing and follow your heart even no one is watching. To be brave is to love in a world where hate is so strong.     
These past couple of months, I have seen more bravery and strength than I have ever in my whole life.  And some of you have become like my new family.  I do not feel alone anymore. I feel hope. I never thought this life would be so beautiful. It is not hatred for a disease that has brought us together; we are united by the love of one man.

     If Will could still love in a world so fragile and on fire, then we can too. When you leave here today, if you apply this compassion, bravery and love as you continue living your life, then Will is not dead. He is alive in all of us.  You will never be alone.

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