Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some Facts About Me :)

Hey guys, I've decided to do a post on some facts about me. If you follow my twitter or read my posts it can  give you a sense of who I am and what I like but here is some more.

1. Although on my twitter I like to talk about various makeup and cosmetic products I like but that is actually just a hobby for me. The cosmetic and fashion world is an outlet for me to escape from the trials of my daily life. I like makeup because it has no absolute concept of beauty and I feel beautiful as well as confident. My daily life is actually more focused toward others. I'm a medic that specializes in toxicology (drugs, mainly illicit). I'm not working under contract with anyone at the moment because this semester I am back in school learning College Algebra, Introductory Chemistry and Abnormal Psychology. I do however, still come to the aid of friends and family whom call me on my phone. Also I volunteer as a medic within the city, mainly for LGBT events. Another thing I do is help domestic violence victims get free plastic surgery and tattoo removal through the help of charities. No one wants to be reminded everyday with scars of how another person hurt them. It helps them move on with their lives. Lastly, because of my involvement with the adult industry in the past, I currently help those in the industry transition into what I call "civilian life." This could be getting them rehab, getting away from certain people and being a mentor for tough times.

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3. I am the guardian of a young girl whom I don't talk about much online because there's not much to say and I respect her privacy. She is the daughter of a makeup artist friend of mine.

4. I am trained in hand to hand combat with a mixture of capoeria and kickboxing. I also ranked 3rd in San Francisco for fencing when I was 16 years old. I still like to work out and train  regularly. The reason why I've had to learn much is because as a femme fatale I would sometimes get into trouble gathering info and pics. I've had quite few fights in my life. And since I am small, my focus was on pressure points and precision.  I also used to competitively fight for some extra cash because I was a broke ass.

5. Although I'm not studying to be a lawyer, I know one or two things about the law. When I was 17 years old, I was accused of attempted murder erroneously. In lockup, I read several law books to know my rights. I found it fascinating and continue reading law book after law book today. I'm fascinated by loopholes and how to combat a situation without having to punch someone in the head. I'm on like a shitlist for SFUSD because I read all their books as well as student rights, bullying etc. I've come to the aid of many victims of bullying as their adult legal representative which also includes false accusations. Many of those children are children of immigrants who have contacted me. Overall, I'm a spitfire who doesn't stand for injustice.

6. I really like animals!

7. I don't eat land animals but I do eat fish. I think that animals have souls and dreams. Not only that, it doesn't seem right to eat something with a soul that was raised to just die.

8. I was raised Buddhist then Christian but now I'm Buddhist again. My mom was Buddhist when she came over from Thailand and for about the first 4 years of my life then my dad made us go to Christian church because he was a christian. Also Christian church had babysitting which played a big factor. The fact that Christians believed in hell and demons played a big role in my mom's mental illness and treatment of us. We stopped going to church when I was 10 years old. I was able to babysit my sisters by then. I continued being Buddhist after because it seems to suit my life more in terms of view points and how to treat others. I don't believe in Heaven nor Hell. I don't believe in Karma. I believe that religion is just a guideline of how you should live your life in pursuit of happiness now and how to die with a peaceful mind. I believe everyone can believe in whatever they want as long as their behavior doesn't disrupt or hurt innocent people.

9.  I have a learning disability so my words and letters are mumble jumbled. I suffer from jamais vu after my hospitalization a couple years ago from brain damage. Therefore, I have to work twice as hard to read and retain information. I also sometimes forget where I am going so I write down where I am going and how to get there just in case.

10. I have a super sense of smell. I can identify a perfume or cologne from the other side of the room. I guess being a former supervisor at Macy's left me a strange skill. I can also smell fart. Yeah that's nasty.

11. I'm not really an emotional person. I somehow in my brain separate emotion from logic. So I don't get emotionally heated or emotionally based when fighting or arguing. I used to be so bad at expressing emotion that when I was being rehabbed I had to use a chart to literally learn what each emotion was and how to express it.

12. Although I somewhat live a dark life, I manage to be a generally content or happy person. I surround myself with positive people so that helps too.

Do you have questions for me? I would love to answer them. Nothing perverted please.

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